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Check out the Complete Diver Program with Academy of Scuba Current Dive Conditions as of 05/26/16:
A of S Training Facilities, AZ - 90°F with 120 ft. Visibility
Lake Pleasant, AZ - 81°F with 15 ft. Visibility
Lake Mohave, AZ - 80°F with 30 ft. Visibility
Lake Mead, NV - 80°F with 20 ft. Visibility
Catalina, CA - 63°F with 50 ft. Visibility
San Carlos, MX - 82°F with 50 ft. Visibility
Bonne Terre Mine, Missouri - 58°F with 200 ft. Visibility
Wreck Alley, San Diego CA - 58°F with 40 ft. Visibility
Cayman Brac, Cayman Islands - 82°F with 100 ft. Visibility
Roatan, Honduras - 82°F with 100 ft. Visibility
Cozumel, Mexico - 82°F with 100 ft. Visibility
Dos Ojos Caverns, Tulum MX - 78°F with 120 ft. Visibility

Scuba Articles

New Seacure Mouthpiece Improves Fit and Comfort
The new X TYPE has improved the already great FIT and COMFORT of SeaCure Mouthpiece 2SeaCure mouthpieces!!!

New Fourth Element Dealer in Phoenix Arizona
Academy of Scuba is pleased to announce today that has expanded its growing product line of Scuba diving gear to include Fourth Element.

Roatan: A Scuba Diver’s Treasure Chest
Roatan, in the Western Caribbean, features scuba diving at its best. Thousand-foot walls festooned with deep water gorgonians, coral gardens, barrel sponges, pillar coral, 60-foot deep ledges crowded with blackcap basslets, mini-walls clustered with bluebell tunicates, pinnacles overgrown with azure vase sponges, and shy indigo hamlets peering from niches are all aspects of scuba diving in Roatan in the Bay Islands of Honduras

Put away your iPhone, aquaSketch is your next app!
The aquaSketch Minno is a rugged underwater notebook, sketchpad, and reference platform that brings all the convenience and versatility of paper to the marine environment. This cool Scuba diver accessory is small enough to be worn on the wrist or stored in a pocket, yet it can hold up to ten feet of waterproof paper-like material that is printable, scanable, and reusable.

FREE Underwater Photography Made Easy iBook
Featuring positioning, lighting, macro, wide-angle, video, buoyancy and more! Covered in easy-to-apply techniques, you’ll love this easy to use, interactive guide. Perfect for all SeaLife camera owners or anyone ready to dive into underwater photography.

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Dive Term of the Day

THERMOCLINE: The intersection between two layers of water that are of distinctly different temperatures, usually the colder layer is deeper.

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